Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. I am haunted by color, by sunrises missed and places unexplored. I have weathered blizzards, downpours, stinging dust storms, climbed mountains, clung to precipices, waded in neck deep water, and hit many pitch black trail heads at 2am. I have inhabited abandoned places, traversed calamity, been charged by a Grizzly Bear, and stepped where many haven't; all to quench my haunting. 

By the age of three I already had two eye surgeries, my doctors were worried that I would have acutely impaired vision. Providentially my eyesight improved and I overcame my biggest weakness by turning it into my strongest asset. I have become a visionary explorer. 

I graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2004 and have never looked back. I have been a full time professional photographer for 13 years, owning a boutique wedding studio, managing both school photography crews and large portrait studios, and have become an expert at photographing large groups of over 500 people.  But...

In the quite of predawn I find myself. I was created to be a fine art photographer. No location is too far, too difficult, or too hidden. Once I am possessed by a pre-visualized image, the composition eats at me until I have created it. My images have a life of their own, a gestation so to speak, with a yearning for birth. As I create more my haunting grows, my passion emboldens, and more images petition for attention. 

"I am seeking; I am striving; I am in it with all my heart."- Van Gogh