Vintage Craft Fair

In an age of computer graphics and powerful CGI, we can oftentimes forget the care and talent that went into everyday items. Before the internet, travel posters used to harken of exotic places and far away lands. Science and technology used to merge with artisan hands or documentation of patents, for invention, and for scientific rendering.  Sentiments of years gone by were carefully handwritten on vibrant Victorian or Edwardian holiday cards. Unfortunately, the craft of yesteryear is overlooked today. 

 In an attempt to honor the artisans of the past I have procured reproduction rights of Vintage Advertising, Scientific, Children's, Holiday Art, and much more.  I rescue, retouch, color balance, and repair these images; I bring the original glory back to forgotten masterpieces. 

 At a craft fair these would be printed on 11x17 archival paper for $25 each.  And at a typical fair could have more or less of these themes represented depending on the time of year or market. 



I have both National and International posters. Dozens and Dozens from Yellowstone national park to Prague, and form NYC to Brazil.  Bright, vibrant graphics, oftentimes juxtaposed with era transportation and clothing. Travel posters add color and charm to any room.


The perfect blend of science and art. Theses graphics were once used for science and research but are now loved for the exquisite detail and balance. Often muted colors mix with precise detail on natural elements that create stunning understated yet bold look.



Municipalities, schools, artist leagues, and performances, all needed to advertise. In an age before social media auto generated memes, the community bulletin board or telephone poles became posted with local works of advertising art. These are truly one of a kind finds. We rescue Dozens and Dozens of these and are constantly adding to our collection.


Sentimentality is back! We may not mail holiday cards anymore; but many people find these super charming vintage greeting cards to be perfect wall hangings and Holiday decor. These are actual greeting cards oftentimes I overlay the actual stamp and signatures from the back. I love thinking that over 100 years ago a family just like mine facing problems just ours sent these cards to loved ones across the country. We have dozens of Holiday images from Valentines to Thanksgiving; but, Halloween and Christmas are our favorites. 



Everything that is has started out as an idea. The turn of the century was an explosion of ideas and revolution of invention. I love, love, love the wonderment and original free thinking of engineering over a century ago. No computer models or corporate over sight dampened the ideas.  These turn of the century patents span steampunk era deep sea diving suits to electric motorcycles. Repurposed to mimic an idea on a chalkboard our collection of Patents is ever growing and perfect for any man room.


War Bonds, Recruitment Posters, and vintage historical cartoons make this gallery a hodgepodge of patriotic fun. From Uncle Sam to Rosie the Riveter the US Government utilized some of the best artisans of the day to tell the story and guide our Nation through war. 


from westerns to sci-fi to film noir to classic hollywood.